Sunday, 14 April 2013

Day 1 Sunday 14th April 2013

Day 1 Sunday 14th April
Day 1 had a late start as I did not wake until around 10:00. Popped quickly to supermarket to get breakfast as I did not have time yesterday. Put all contraband items into a box ready for the challenge. Tried two flavours of herbal tea - liked neither so I will not be including that in future. No training today and doing well with water intake.

11:30 Meal 1 Breakfast Eggs
3 Medium Free Range Eggs, 75g Button Mushrooms, 150g Cherry Tomatoes, 150g Asparagus (click here for recipe)

Enjoyed breakfast. A nice treat after a big night out.

14:00 Meal 2 Lamb with Aubergine
160g Lamb, Half Aubergine, 40g Baby Spinach, Clove Garlic

Went to supermarket (again!) to get food supplies for the next couple of days. Came in and started cooking straight away. Felt like a chore to eat again.

18:00 Meal 3 Meditteranean Chicken Stack
170g Chicken Breast, 50g Sundried Tomatoes, 10g Basil, 40g Baby Spinach

This is adapted from one of the recipes from the Les Mills 21 Day Challenge PDF. Would have eaten earlier but had an afternoon nap.

20:30 Meal 4 Hot Chicken Salad
170g Piri Piri Chicken Breast, 200g Peppers, 150g Cherry Tomatoes, 40g Baby Spinach

A lazy start to the day plus a nap meant it was difficult to fit in five meals. Already felt like I was cooking and eating constantly. Finished the day with 20g Brazil Nuts. I do not currently eat nuts, and they were nice so looking forward to including these in my diet.

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